Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Back to Blogging....

Well, I took a break from blogging since I started a new part time job outside the home.  Glad to be working a few days a week, but also glad to be back on my blog.   So much to do, so little time.  That I suppose is something we all lament from time to time.

I've been working on a few little projects though, and have picked up a few things lately, one especially that I wanted to share with you.

This little Edwardian child's sweet, and still in great condition.  It has a soft pink silky  lining and  white lace all around the collar and cuffs.  The outside is almost a soft cream flannel, it's adorable!  I could not resist getting this little coat.  I see pieces like this in an antique store or online and think to myself, what little girl wore this, where did she live, and how did she live?  The fact that some of these items are in such good shape leads one to assume that it was not worn much, perhaps it was kept for special occasions, when children would dress up for church or special holidays...Easter perhaps, in this case?  I will never know for sure...but it's certainly a small treasure to wonder about as it hangs in our spare bedroom, beside my old robin's egg blue cupboard. 

I will be sharing some other great finds with you shortly...meanwhile, please take a look at my facebook page, PetitePrairie....hope you all have a lovely evening. 

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