Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ironstone: It Shouldn't Just Be For Company...

How can one not love ironstone?  It's sturdy, goes with everything and it's definitely in my palette of creams and whites.  I like to mix cream and white together, as cream can soften the starkness of a real white.  I used to think I could not mix and match the two, but when paired together,  it's so soft and pretty.  I use my ironstone too, which I had to learn to do ... we all have those special things that we reserve  "just for company" or special holidays, and that does make those things "special"  because we don't use them from day-to-day.  But learning to use my treasures is something that took time; we tend to keep our treasures in out of the way places, maybe tucked away  in a china cupboard or behind glass, nice to look at, but do not touch!  When you stop to think about it, why shouldn't we use the things we love on a daily basis?  We reserve them for special company, when really, wouldn't your table be so much prettier if you used these things more often.  We should not just make a pretty table for friends and family  ~  using these ironstone pieces make preparing a meal more enjoyable, and eating a meal more sumptuous.

 Keep your real linen napkins handy too, and put the paper ones away for picnics.   Why not?  Stains can be removed easily with homemade cleaning solutions like lemon, and a rinse of vinegar and water.  Get out your vintage silverware too.

All of these items had plenty of use before you ever had them and they will be around a lot longer than the newer, more modern pieces you may have  that aren't nearly as well made.  Plus, since most ironstone was made in England  long ago,  you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.  Let's not just think of this as  "recycling"  these items...but actually  "re-using"  them as well, in the very meaning of this word.

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